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CLASSIC CUTE Designed for Kids

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Screen Protector for iPad
$15.99 $29.99
Stylus Pen For iPad
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Scratch Protection with hard plastic shell.
Raised Bevel for Screen Protection.
Slim & Minimalist Profile.
Wireless Charging Compatible.
Dual-Layer Drop Protection with Inner TPU liner & hard plastic shell.
Raised Bevel for Screen Protection.
Exceeds US Military Drop Test Standards.
Wireless Charging Compatible.

Please check the model of your iPad before making a purchase;
180 degree rotatable grip handle for easy handling and carrying around from school to home, and also can be folded back into dual angle stand for watching movies or drawing;
Made from impact-resistant EVA foam material, efficiently prevents the tablet from accidental drops, bumps and scratches; Corners feature double-thick silicone for best shockproof protection;
Super lightweight and child friendly non-toxic soft EVA foam with anti-slip textured sides for a firm grip; Perfect for baby, toddler, boys and girls;
Raised bezel edges to protect the screen from being scratched and shattered; Easy access to all features (Cameras, Speaker, Ports and Buttons).

21 Reviews
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  • dalila a.
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent quality
  • Fred E.
    Verified Buyer
    Thanks you for delivery in time my daughter love it
  • Matt I.
    Verified Buyer
    Good fit, love the color (easier to find when he lays it down). Like that is easy to clean. Love the handle. Fast shipping. All is well. Would recommend!
  • Karla R.
    Verified Buyer
    Great product. I searched the Web for a long time before reading a review that tipped me off to this brand. Perfect for my 7 year old.
    Verified Buyer
    Simply Love it- Very Durable - Nice Carrying handle that also doubles as a stand!
  • Rosana N.
    Verified Buyer
    This case is seriously the best for kids! So cute and protective but also sturdy. It’s a must!! Highly recommend it!!
  • Brinley M.
    Verified Buyer
    I feel safe having the $1000 ipad protected. Kid proof, adult proof, you name it. It works well.
    Verified Buyer
    Looks great on the iPad & fits well. The handle is very sturdy & supportive as a stand.
  • Mary R.
    Verified Buyer
    Great product. It fit perfectly,very snug and secure.
  • Ciara R.
    Verified Buyer
    Well, my kids have thrown, dropped, etc our ipad and it's still in mint condition, so I think this case is doing its job! I research a ton of different cases, decided on this one, and I'm glad I did! I love the carrying handle, and I love that it doubles as a stand. I also use it to hang it on things in different situations.
  • Megan M.
    Verified Buyer
    a must for kids. protects iPad, has handle and stand to watch. very durable
  • Anna
    Verified Buyer
    Great case for an iPad that kids are going to be using! They’ve protected a few from catastrophe! Strong, sturdy, then handle is great for carrying and stands up nicely as well!
  • Kerri L.
    Verified Buyer
    Has held up so far to my child’s constant use for school and play. I do love the built in stand/carrier on this case, more flexible and sturdier than other brands we have tried. So far our device is still solid, so fingers crossed this is the case that stands the test of destructive childhood!
  • Liliana
    Verified Buyer
    Its just perfect for my kid and it really protects the ipad. Easy to clean, carry and use. Highly recommended.
  • Leah D.
    Verified Buyer
    Great fit for our 10.5 in iPad Pro. Easy for my daughter to carry around and it keeps the iPad safe when it inevitably gets dropped or tossed.
  • Johanna
    Verified Buyer
    I strongly recommend this product my toddler has an iPad and has dropped it so many times and it has protected it from all drops its a must buy
  • Daniel
    Verified Buyer
    I've owned a bunch of this style iPad case, and I've seen various iPad falls many times and this case protected it perfectly. It's also very simple for even a young child to bend the stand portion down. Can't beat these cases!
  • Jennifer
    Verified Buyer
    I purchased an iPad 7th gen for my 3 year old (very spoilt 3 year old). She is quite good with devices however spending that much I didn’t want to risk her dropping it and smashing it. This looks like one of the most robust and protective case you can buy so I'd say it's suitable for clumsy adults, kids and for use in certain work environments, particularly outdoors. It's lightweight, thick and very easy to put the iPad in the case, and it feels very well protected. You can access all ports and cameras still whilst not needing to worry about drops. It’s great for little fingers :)
  • Gunner D.
    Verified Buyer
    I have this same case for my son's iPad Mini, and it has been perfect for years. He once dropped it from our second story on to hardwood floors and there was no damage to the iPad. I liked it so much that I got the same case when I got an iPad Mini for myself. I recently upgraded to the iPad Air 3 and thought I would get the common slim case with magnet fold ups since I would not be sharing with my young children. I liked it, but just didn't feel it offered enough protection if it was ever dropped. Also, it was more risky to carry around with the slimmer case, and I often carry the iPad around while watching sports or shows. I went ahead and got this case to have as well. I now know that I won't go back to the slimmer (more adult?) looking case. I just love the protection, portability, and function that this case offers. Easy to carry, sits up nicely with the built in handle/stand, and most importantly I know from experience how much protection it provides. I also bought a screen protector for full protection. I got the black and feel like it does not look childish at all. It obviously adds a bit of bulk, but the trade off for the upside is worth it. With the thicker edge that wraps around the front, I can sit the iPad face down with no concern of the screen ever making contact with the table. I read one review that it kept falling over. It sits up perfectly and does not come close to just falling over on it's own. I actually prefer how upright it sits compared to my other case which has more of a lean back. My iPad Air 3 10.5" fits perfectly in this case. It's very secure, not loose at all, and doesn't slide around. If you are torn between this and some other cases, just keep in mind the great functionality, protection, and portability that this case provides. I love it and will keep coming back to these cases for future iPads.
  • Gunner F.
    Verified Buyer
    Awesome case for being in the house and moving around. I know these cases may have been designed for kids but this case is awesome. I’ve actually bought one for my adult kids and my dad. Why? Because if you are like me you drag your IPad with you all over the house. If I’m watching something and I need to start dinner the iPad comes with me and it’s on the kitchen counter. Well, with this case you can bend the handle back and you have a stand. If you accidentally drop it, no worries! Mine has never broken. I don’t purposely try to drop it... it just happens. There are times when I will have multiple things in my hands and having a handle on the iPad makes it so easy. It’s so light you can literally just wrap a finger around the handle and your still free to carry other things. If I’m sitting by the pool I’ll have my iPad. I’m definitely not afraid about it falling in the pool deck and breaking. And one of the biggest reasons is I’m a teacher and I use my own iPad in class. My iPad is mirrored to my desktop. When I write on my iPad it syncs to my desktop which is connected to the projector- so it will display on the overhead screen. There are times when I will have students complete some of the math problems that we are working on using the iPad. They will pass my iPad around and work the problems. If I did not have this case that would not be happening. Also because of the handle on it if the students are still copying notes from the overhead and I am walking around looking at papers I can carry the iPad looped around one of my fingers and I’m free to help my students. Before it was kind of awkward with other cases because they did not have a handle the iPad would have to be put down or laid down on the students desks or a near-by flat surface before my hands were free to help them. This case makes it easy to walk around and help my students and to keep my iPad with me. Now if I have to go to a professional meeting or something like that then I’m not carrying this case. But for me that’s not the purpose of this case. If you’re looking for a case that protects your iPad gives you the flexibility of moving from room to room or having others use it and not having to worry then this is the case for you. It’s a bonus that if you don’t like the bright colors you can order it in black. I prefer the bright colors because I can tell in an instant where my iPad is located. This review is solely my opinion. I did not get anything free. It’s honestly how I feel about this product. Thanks.
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  • Free Shipping On Orders Over $20;
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