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ALLISON M1 Detachable Tri Fold 7 Card

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[2in1 design] This wallet case is made of high-quality leather + TPU bumper. A two-in-one detachable magnetic phone case composed of a separate purse and back cover. Make your work, life and travel more convenient.
[Multi-function] This case has magnetic attraction function and horizontal support function. It can be folded to watch TV or movies. In addition, the tri-fold wallet has plenty of space for your ID, credit cards and cash without getting too bulky, which meets your needs when going out.
[Fit for Car Holder] The back cover has a magnetic adsorption function. The wallet separates and the phone can be used as a GPS unit when attached to a magnetic holder on the car dash. With German material and Signal anti-interference shielding, your case will keep smooth feel.

49 Reviews
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  • Michael D.
    Verified Buyer
    FINALLY, a wallet case that checks all of the boxes, and does so while looking extremely good: (1) the case fits well and is not bulky. With the wallet detached, it's a thin leather case with a silicone protective bumper on sides and corners, and enough of a raised edge to keep the glass front of the phone off surface, (2) the leather is beautiful and feels amazing. I did the black version which has a wonderful sueded feel so it's smooth but also a little grippy so the phone doesn't feel like it will slip out of my hand, (3) thank god for no annoying folio flap that just gets in the way when you want or need quick access to your phone. Flaps also make the phone hard to hold unless you fold it all the way back, which then blocks the camera, (4) a wallet that I have SEVEN cards in right now with a handful of paper money and it's slim enough to be a front pocket wallet. I could only get four cards in my three-times-the-price Pad and Quill case, and it was like carrying a brick, and (5) because you can detach the wallet, you can use the phone with ease. It's not awkward to hold because without the wallet, it's just a really nice, thin profile leather case without that @#$%& flap getting in the way. PLUS, because it's thin unlike may other wallet cases, it is compatible with all of the charging options. I hope Casebus continues to make this model for future versions of the iPhone because this will be my go-to case every time.
  • Joseph A.
    Verified Buyer
    Cute is an understatement. Allison M1 has such a smooth feel to it.
  • Julie E.
    Verified Buyer
    I just received my phone. My case fits perfectly. I love it and the detachable wallet. Would take pictures, but I’m using my phone for review so unable to take a picture.
  • Kevin T.
    Verified Buyer
    Good quality-little larger than needed bu happy w it! Thx!
  • Richard Z.
    Verified Buyer
    Awesome, excellent, outstanding! I’ve had this wallet for a month now wanting to try it out and the quality and functionality are amazing. I am ordering a second one just to have a spare a few years down the road in case this one fails because I love it so much
  • Michelle E.
    Verified Buyer
    I purchased this case to replace one that I'd purchased from another company and I really like this one! I can actually put my cards in this one and the attachable wallet is a nice feature. The case is magnetic so I don't have to attach one and it sticks to the metal parts of my desk!
  • Louie a.
    Verified Buyer
    Great product design, love the wallet
  • Laura C.
    Verified Buyer
    Great. Just what I needed
  • Martha K.
    Verified Buyer
    I love my case.,., very pretty
  • daniel p.
    Verified Buyer
    This is an amazing case I was able to ditch my old wallet and Iike having it as modular to fit it better in a pocket. I can also connect them if I need too magnets are the best. My favorite feature Is the trifold I am able to put money in directly I don't like having to fold it to fit it in my wallet. fits a good number of cards my previous phone case broke when I over filled its card limit of 7. I managed to get 10 cards In the case bus and it still closes properly. It is a well designed case as well as a finely crafted wallet. I am satisfied and would recommend anyone to get one this is a winner
  • John S.
    Verified Buyer
    Extremely impressed with my case and wallet. Highly recommend
  • Steven A.
    Verified Buyer
    Good quality materials. The wallet is a bit bulkier than I would have liked so trying to fit the whole thing together in your front pants pocket is a little too bulky. Also, the magnet keeping the wallet on is not as strong as I’d like so it slips off a bit too easily. That being said, I do like this product and will keep using it.
  • Robert S.
    Verified Buyer
    Great product. Nice quality. I love the detachable wallet
  • Gina P.
    Verified Buyer
    I 'm very happy with my red Pixel 6 case. It looks really nice and (unlike my last case from another seller) it holds all of my credit cards, vax card and cash and nothing falls out. The wallet and phone stick together easily because of a strong magnet. I usually leave them together but can separate them if I want to put the phone and wallet in different pockets or a purse. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price.
  • Esther H.
    Verified Buyer
    Love this product. Matches my favorite purse.
  • James S.
    Verified Buyer
    Very Happy with my new iPhone case / wallet!
    Just exactly what I was hoping for
  • Kimberly C.
    Verified Buyer
    Love the feel, the color (easily visible), and fantastic functionality
  • Thomas .
    Verified Buyer
    I love the product,saves me from carrying a wallet along with cell phone now I just carry the one. Thank you so much.
  • Joseph S.
    Verified Buyer
    Love the phone case. Great quality
  • Joseph N.
    Verified Buyer
    I waited a few weeks to write a thoughtful review.

    I routinely forgot my phone or wallet looking desperately for my keys. So, I bought a folio-type case and combined my wallet and phone. Pretty good solution. I never forgot my phone or wallet when I finally found my keys. Nevertheless, I soon discovered that the folio was very cumbersome when trying to snap a picture. I lived with this for a long while. Then, i found this gem.

    Admittedly, when the case and wallet are together, it is a little thicker than the folio. I hate the feeling of anything in my pockets. Also, you have to be careful how you put the phone/wallet in your pocket. You might grab the lenses of the camera. Nevertheless, I like the wallet and case separately.

    The wallet is small but holds 7 cards as advertised. Plus, it fits some bills correctly. (I don't know how many. I don't carry ca$h.) The case is not thick but sturdy and it is truly a no-slip grip. I couldn't ever hold onto my phone before. Still, the best follows. I found a solution for misplacing my phone, wallet and keys. (Pictures attached)

    I can put my phone and wallet ON the refrigerator, my best friend. Furthermore, it saves my children from cuss words worse than Old Man Parker on Cleveland St.

    Finally, the wallet and the case fit comfortably in my front pockets if I am in a bad area.

    I hope this review helps.
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  • Free Shipping On Orders Over $20;
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  • Process Time: 1-3 Business Days;
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