Casebus - Double Sided HD Clear Magnetic Phone Case - Built in Screen Protector Metal Bumper Frame 360 Full Protective Cover

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$34.99 $34.99

Please check the model of your phone before making a purchase;
[UPGRADE DOUBLE SIDE HD CLEAR TEMPERED GLASS] This magnetic case is made of new upgraded double sided HD clear case, 99% light transmittance, not affect the image quality, this magnet case also provides sensitive touch, you can type smoothly, play games,very convenient & fast.
[SUPER MAGNETIC ADSORPTION] Compared with other cases of cellphone, our magnetic case adopts multipoint magnetic adsorption technology, built-in magnet surrounds the HD clear magnetic case, metal frame is automatically magnetic attraction in one second when it's near the cover. Strong magnetic adsorption makes frame and magnetic case eamlessly connected, easy to install.
[PERFECTLY COMPATIBLE] This magnetic case takes you into the era of new chassis! Perfectly compatible with magnetic case for your phone. Precisely closed design, fits the body without loosening. Comfortable to hold, sensitive to operation, access to all ports and iPhone functions easily. From now on, keep your phone in perfect condition, this magnet case makes your phone stand out among crowd.
[FULL PROTECTION & SUPER EASY TO INSTALL] This magnetic case full body metal frame protection & Anti-drop & Shock-absorbing design. Explosion-proof tempered glass protect against scratches, this case can offer unrivaled protection. HD clear magnetic case automatically closes, 1 second to install. [If also install other screen protector, double protective film will cause insensitive touch.]
[SUPPORTS WIRELESS CHARGING & UNIMPEDED SIGNAL] This magnetic case is support wireless charging without removing the case. The case is not easy to absorb heat, you can use it with confidence. The installation doesn't affect the reception of cell phone signal and WiFi signal.
There is a film on the lens case, which looks similar to scratches, but it is not a scratch, just tear off the film on the lens case.
After receiving the item, please tear off the film on the phone case and the film on the lens case. (The film on the lens shell is not very obvious, please tear it off slowly and patiently, so as not to affect the camera effect)

115 Reviews
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  • Therese W.
    Verified Buyer
    Beautiful love it so study too
  • Lester C.
    Verified Buyer
    Was exactly what I ordered and I’m pleased with it.
  • Caroline .
    Verified Buyer
    Great product!
  • Kathleen A.
    Verified Buyer
    I really like it. Fits well . Make sure your side buttons are on the outside when you place the top on or your be thinking it doesn’t fit or is off balance like I did until I figured it out. Little black buttons need to stick out. Hope you enjoy yours like I do mine
  • Cheri B.
    Verified Buyer
    I ordered this for my son and went out of town and forgot about it. Last night, I used his cell phone since mine was out of battery. he handed it to me, I made a call and handed it back after a 15 minute conversation. I told him ha! I like the way your phone feels! (he has an apple 13 mini, I have an apple 12 pro). Today I asked my son did you ever get your phone case delivery while I was gone? He said you were holding it!!! I thought I held his phone without a case!
    I thought this may be better than any review I can write. I didn't even feel the case!!
  • Patrick S.
    Verified Buyer
  • Vanessa F.
    Verified Buyer
    The response time from ordering to receiving was good. Unfortunately, the back of the case was cracked and I’m going to have to purchase a new one.
  • Mike .
    Verified Buyer
    Case fits well but the metal edges makes the phone feel a little heavy. Overall a pretty good feeling case. Seems like it will be very protective
  • Stephen H.
    Verified Buyer
    I love the case I recieived to use with my iphone13. It fits perfectly. I can see the entire phone, yet there is a layer of protection that also makes the phone easier to hold.
  • Sally .
    Verified Buyer
    I just got this case on or around August 9th. I have already put it through the test. I have literally accidentally dropped my phone several times on the floor. I have rarely drop it. But this time. Crazy. It has definitely held up but I have a small crack on the right edge of the front cover that now has a squiggly line running from it to the top of my screen cover. I love the protection from the case and I just wish I could replace the top cover without buying a whole new one so that I don’t have to look at this crack and truly appreciate the cover . Final verdict it does protect your phone and the case is beautiful. Slightly a little more heavier because of the casing. I do love it.
  • Sherry L.
    Verified Buyer
    Pleased with my protective cover!!
  • Howard T.
    Verified Buyer
    I love this case great product..
  • Peter D.
    Verified Buyer
    I like the phone case very much. It was easy to order on Casebus's website. It was easy to install. I like that my entire phone is protected. Cover does not interfere with phone use in anyway.
  • Ted W.
    Verified Buyer
    Very good product. Was not disappointed.
  • Zackery P.
    Verified Buyer
    Very impressed. It’s like there isn’t even a case on my phone and touch screen protector is awesome. I usually don’t like them and/or use them, but this one is a game changer.
  • Donna M.
    Verified Buyer
    I really like the case it’s the best I’ve ever had, easy on and off, protects the phone and the screen and even lens . Very happy with my purchase .
  • Ronald P.
    Verified Buyer
    great product. this is my second one as I dropped my phone on pavement and cracked the case rather thanthe phone. It did its job of protection!
  • William G.
    Verified Buyer
    Seems to be taking good care of my phone
  • Melissa C.
    Verified Buyer
    I absolutely love this case…it’s perfect and best if all, I did not have to buy a screen protector! I will say that it does add some weight to my already kind of heavy iPhone 13 Pro Max, but I have a strap with a pop socket on it that o got from Amazon that helps tremendously. All in all, I’m very satisfied!!
  • Jeannette W.
    Verified Buyer
    LOVE this case. Wish I’d found it earlier. So easy to use and so protective.

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  • Free Shipping On Orders Over $20;
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  • Process Time: 1-3 Business Days;
    Shipping Time: 3-8 Business Days.

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