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NYLE Flip Hidden Pocket

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Please check the model of your phone before making a purchase;
Wallet Case Compatible with Cell Phone, holds 4 essential cards to replace your wallet.
Enlarged rear card slot can carry at least 4 ID-size cards (credit/metro card, license, few cash, etc.)
Design with a flip door to easily access to the cards and keep them securely behind the case.
Edge with texture that adds extra grip to the phone and prevent it from accidental drops.
Sleek design will make your phone looks cool then ever, very protective and convenient in daily use.

22 Reviews
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  • Teresa C.
    Verified Buyer
    FANTASTIC case! Fits my iphoneSE perfectly. I have already dropped it a couple of times with no breakage! I have 5 credit cards in the cover--AMAZING! I ordered the tempered glass scree protector for the front which is well worth the price for piece of mind when it's dropped, and to prevent scratches to the phone with usage. HIGHLY recommend this phone case!
  • Stephanie
    Verified Buyer
    We’ve purchased several cases from this brand. They always hold up well and protect the phone. You can fit 3 cards easily or 2 cards and a little bit of cash.
  • Lynda C.
    Verified Buyer
    Happy with my case so far.
    Hoping this will protect my screen but time will tell.
  • KATHY C.
    Verified Buyer
    Love the case and screen protector and the customer service was great. Delivery was quick. Highly recommend.
  • Daniel C.
    Verified Buyer
    I received the incorrect items. I need a case and screen protector for an I phone 12 pro. Not pro max.
  • Russell L.
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent product, perfect fit, a very handy case. Now I can carry two card cards, gun permit and driver license and not carry a wallet.
  • mark N.
    Verified Buyer
    While the phone case is great it would even better if it had room for seven cards
  • Tim P.
    Verified Buyer
    its like my old one hope it last longer then that
  • Kevin I.
    Verified Buyer
    Sturdy and nice looking case. It holds my drivers license, a credit card and a tightly folded dollar bill.

    Wish it was a bit more sleek and not as heavy/bulky. But still, I’m happy with my purchase.
  • Rob J.
    Verified Buyer
    Love this case. I can leave my wallet in the car or home if I want. It holds my drivers license, three credit cards. One of the cards is super thin. The rest of the case is very durable with reinforced corners , raised in the back to protect the camera but not cover the lens so you can keep taking clear pics. The buttons on the side work perfectly. I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I think it will for my 14 Pro Max that’s crazy on the way.
  • AMD
    Verified Buyer
    I fit 4 cards in here and two of them are the thick metal cards. I also love that I can still put a pop socket on it for a convenient spot for my tiny hands. I still drop it all the time though, and this case has held up extremely well.
  • Sandy
    Verified Buyer
    This case for my iPhone pro max 13 holds my license and two debit cards. it is strong and stays closed tightly. I love it! no more driving back home to get my wallet or purse. Having it handy in my pocket or legging pockets, together with my iPhone all in one case is the way to go.
  • Carol B.
    Verified Buyer
    I’ve become a minimalist so I don’t like carrying around a wallet, having a wallet case is right up my alley. This fits about 4 cards and a small amount of cash pretty nicely and it’s easy to get t
  • Martin S.
    Verified Buyer
    Makes it easy for me to carry a credit card(s), drivers license and cash without the need for a wallet.
  • Bianca
    Verified Buyer
    I’m a woman who has never liked caring a purse or wallet around. Female wallets are too big to just be carried in the hand when I’m sipping around a grocery store with a basket in one hand, and I feel goofy and somehow more vulnerable with a purse… Credit card phone cases are an ideal solution for me, and I’ve owned enough of them over the last decade to know what to look for & what I want. This case provides decent protection against impacts should you drop your phone; I’m only 5’ 4”, but I have repeatedly dropped my phone on hard surfaces, and between this case and my screen protector, I have yet to incur any damage to my phone as a result.
  • Gina
    Verified Buyer
    This case is durable and works as expected. I previously had a slide top card concealer case and this is different. Wasn’t sure at first but I’m liking it. I currently have 1 card a quad folded dollar and a bandaid in the compartment and it stays closed easily. Could hold multiple cards if needed. Would recommend and buy again.
  • hanna s.
    Verified Buyer
    Holds a lot! This phone case is great it holds four full-size credit cards my drivers license and my health insurance card!
  • Matthew
    Verified Buyer
    Love it! Durable and very useful
  • Louren p.
    Verified Buyer
    I loved this phone case I dropped my phone all the time and my phone never cracked with this case and it was very convenient because your cards can fit In the back of the case. I wore mines until it broke 10/10 would buy it again.
  • Ken J.
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect! The 12Pro Max case will hold five credit/ID/insurance cards. I had my first case for over a year and it held up great. I dropped my phone several times and this case protected my phone with no issues. The door to access the storage area works well and has never come open when I didn’t intend for it to. I highly recommend you buy this case if you’re looking for one.
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  • Free Shipping On Orders Over $20;
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