Casebus - Furious Metal Armor Phone Case - Hybrid Armor Built-in Metal Silicone Shockproof Case

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Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Only $9.99
$39.99 $39.99

Please check the model of your phone before making a purchase;
It will come with a 9H tempered glass screen protector as freebie;
Protector: This hybrid armor case is made of metal and rubber, and fixed with screws. And give the most protect your phone from shock and scratching;
Unique Luxurious Design: Sports car shape design provide stylish cool appearance, brings your phone stand out from the crowd; (Please Know: this phone case does NOT support wireless charging and the mute button will not be available after installation)
Full Body Protection: The phone case higher than the screen and camera lens 0.5mm, 360 degrees protect your screen and camera from scratch;
Ideal for Outdoor Sports: It is very suitable for people like cycling, mountaineering, trekking, and does not affect the signal.

16 Reviews
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  • Robert M.
    Verified Buyer
    Love this case. High quality. Very solid and well built. Have gotten lots of compliments on it. Very sharp looking with the red tribal design. Extremely happy with it!
  • Byron .
    Verified Buyer
    Very nice case. Feels great in my hands. Fits the phone very well.
  • Pam M.
    Verified Buyer
    Really like the quality of this product
  • dave f.
    Verified Buyer
    Killer looking case! Slim with great protection for the phone. Little disappointed the "free" screen protector was too small & some of the screws stripped out on the first installation. Fortunately, they included extra screws.
  • Dan S.
    Verified Buyer
    Very pleased with this and shipping was in a timely manner... thank you
  • joe e.
    Verified Buyer
    I drop my phone often so an apple iPhone case wasn’t going to cut it. I bought this case because of its sturdiness and it feels and looks amazing.
  • Gwyn
    Verified Buyer
    Awesome! My phone is well protected and it looks so amazing.I love the design, sturdiness and protection.I am very happy and pleased with my purchase.
  • Sher T.
    Verified Buyer
    Nice and Sleek...Very tough and cool looking. Great protective case!
  • SiSi
    Verified Buyer
    I'm the kind of person that looks for protection and durability in a phone case. This product delivers both. Super happy with my purchase. It's also very sleek looking and fits in my back pocket. Perfect!
  • Rachel T.
    Verified Buyer
    Purchased for iPhone 11, snug fit, feels comfortable in your hand and performs very well as described.Great phone case for those wanting more durable protection from the cheaper plastic imitations. Worth the price, recommended.
  • Travis
    Verified Buyer
    Cool and fashion, very practical! The case of the mobile phone is of good hand feel,good quality and good design.It's strong and durable.
  • Drew
    Verified Buyer
    Solid as a rock! The cases are extremely rugged and I’ve never, ever had a problem with a case or phone failure. These cases are very durable, fit great and relatively inexpensive for the great quality. Very easy to install. Buy one if you want great phone protection.
  • Catlady
    Verified Buyer
    This is the third of these cases we have bought for my husband's cell phone. We KNOW it will protect a cell phone because we were going down the highway at about 40 miles per hour with his phone on the top of our car (accidentally) and it fell off. We watched it bounce down the highway before we could turn around and retrieve it. No damage to phone OR case! I will ALWAYS buy this case for him.
  • Sam
    Verified Buyer
    I was concerned that it was too cheap to be any good, but I was pleasantly suprised at how great this case really was. After now owning this case for 2 weeks, I have to leave a better review. My phone was run over in a parking lot the other day (face down on the concrete) and all it did was break my screen protector. Phone is still in perfect condition. I couldn't be more pleased. Best investment ever!
  • Destiny K.
    Verified Buyer
    Nice look, durable, reliable, dependable. I first had this case for my iPhone 12, dropped it from the register, face down, straight concrete, I knew my phone was shattered and hesitated to pick it up until after I was finished with my transaction, didn’t want to face the disappointment... everyone in line waited to see the results... to my surprise the screen protector was chipped on the corner but the phone itself was flawless!!! I was sold at that point and can’t tell you how many HARD falls my phones have taken since. With Apple it seems like I upgrade every year and put this brand on every phone, especially my kids & grand kids, it is literally the only one I trust.
  • Oscar B.
    Verified Buyer
    Very happy with this metal case, it gives my iPhone the look I expected. The only thing is that I would have liked for the case to include extra replacement screws. But overall definitely 5 stars

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  • Process Time: 1-3 Business Days;
    Shipping Time: 3-8 Business Days.

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